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Detoxifies the body*
Activates Antioxidant Protection*
The Nutrient Responsible for the Health Benefits of Broccoli*

A phytochemical found in green vegetables responsible for many health benefits associated with eating broccoli, kale, and other cruciferous vegetables.*

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"Still hate the taste of broccoli. Luckily there's this instead with the stuff that actually matters."

David T.

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Sulforaphane is thought to be the powerhouse behind the nutritional value of broccoli and green vegetables. Adding concentrated sulforaphane is a great way to step up your diet and help you become the healthiest version of you.*

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Powerfully Activates the NRF2 Pathway*

The NRF2 pathway is a genetic pathway that regulates the expression of hundreds of genes, with many of them being crucial for optimal health. Some of the amazing benefits of NRF2 activation include detoxification of the body, increased development of natural antioxidants, and anti- inflammatory effects throughout the body.*

The Power of Green

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