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Removes Senescent Cells*
Promotes Cognitive Function*
High Dose of 500mg per capsule!

Removes senescent cells and provides powerful antioxidant support.*

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    "Originally the amount of fisetin was why I got it. I’ll keep taking it since it’s been helpful. "

    James B.

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    If you’re feeling like you’re getting older just a little too fast, there’s may be a way to slow the effects of aging. Fisetin is a polyphenol found in trace amounts within strawberries and apples that roots out senescent cells, a type of dysfunctional cell linked to accelerated aging. Fisetin is backed by scientific literature, with many scientific studies detailing the miraculous benefits of Fisetin.*

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    How Fisetin May Slow the Rate of Aging*

    As we age, develop senescent cells, which are dysfunctional cells linked to accelerated aging. Senescent cells don’t behave like healthy cells; they don’t divide, and they just sit there, interrupting and slowing down cellular communication of the healthy cells around the senescent cells. This leads to inflammation, degeneration of organs, as well as accelerated aging. Fisetin is an evidence backed ingredient to help support the slowing of the aging process by helping the body remove senescent cells, allowing healthy cells to resume healthy communication, and reducing inflammation and oxidative stress brought on by senescent cells.*

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