VertiGone (6 - Pack)

Supports Relief from Dizziness*
Supports Inner Ear Vestibular Function*
Helps Relief swaying sensations and nausea*

A natural herbal blend designed to support relief of dizziness.*

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    "I feel so much steadier since I’ve been taking Vertigone”

    Van A.

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    A natural herbal blend designed to support relief of dizziness, so you can feel your best. Our proprietary formula supports optimization of inner ear function, helping to restore your sense of balance. Vertigone comes in easy to swallow capsules that are rapidly digested, so you can get ahead of the dizziness, nausea, and migraines, and feel great throughout the day.*

    Ingredient Quality Standards

    Forumulated According to the Wisdom of Ancient Chinese Herbalism

    VertiGone is based on Ancient Chinese Herbalism, a method of healthcare successful for treating illnesses for over 2,000 years. According to Ancient Chinese Herbalism, illnesses appear when the body is out of balance due to deficiency or excess, and the solution is to bring the body back to a balanced state.*

    Synergestic Herbs for Inner Ear Balance*

    Astragalus root promotes relief of nausea and improves bloodflow throughout the body, encouraging feelings of vitality. Black cohosh and Dong Quai support relief of headaches and encourage greater energy levels. Pueraria Mirifica, Peony Root, and Vitex help to relieve dizziness, ringing in the ears, and encourage healthy bloodflow to the inner ear complex. Licorice Root and Panax Ginseng promote greater levels of QI, knows as the vital life force, to improve feelings of well being and vitality. Phellodendron Amurense helps to balance inner ear fluids.*

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