Supports Cognitive Function*
Premier Antioxidant*

Pterostilbene supports brain function by supporting activation of CREB, a cellular transcription factor associated with memory formation.*

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    "Max mg I could find from a reputable brand gave me reassurance. This outdoes the resveratrol I took before. "

    Colleen S.

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    Often compared with Resveratrol, Pterostilbene is a powerful stilbene found in blueberries with amazing properties linked to longevity. While Resveratrol has gained stardom as an incredible aid for healthy aging, science shows that Pterostilbene may be even better, as Pterostilbene supports all the same benefits as Resveratrol; however, Pterostilbene is absorbed much more efficiently and stays in the body longer than Resveratrol.*

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    Supports Learning and Memory*

    Pterostilbene promotes activation of the CREB pathway, which has a major influence on learning and memory.*

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