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Promotes Macular Health*
Supports Optic Nerve Function*
Supports Vision*

A proprietary blend to support healthy vision.*

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    "The computer was the biggest issue. It's been a couple months now and my eyes are less strained reading."

    Roby R.

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    Promacular is an evidence based formula to support high functioning eye health. Formulated with powerful ingredients such as Lutein, Zeaxanthin, Astaxanthin, and more, Promacular is a comprehensive solution to support your vision.*

    Ingredient Quality Standards

    Promacular Acts As Your Internal Sunglasses*

    Promacular provides increased support from bluelight, helping to minimize light related ocular damage.*


    Vitamin C helps to protect your eyes from free radical damage and also helps reduce age related eye degeneration. Billberry Extract helps to protect the retina, reduce eye fatigue, reduce dryness, and promote visual function. Lutein is known to support healthy vision. Astaxanthin promotes eye health and support against eye degeneration. Zeaxanthin helps protect the retina from light damage and promotes resistance to macular degeneration.*

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