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Supports Immunity*
Supports Healthy Skin*
Great for when you're "under the weather"*

A powerful compound found in coconuts with incredible immune boosting properties.*

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    "I'm convinced monolaurin is keeping me healthy!"

    Alice A.

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    The coconut has been used throughout history for its amazing health benefits, but it was only recently that scientists have been able to trace many of the benefits of coconuts to come from a single compound within, monolaurin.*

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    Protection from Pathogens*

    A common pathogen has a fatty envelope around it, effectively hiding itself from the immune system, which allows itself to come into contact with a cell, and replicate its genes.

    Monolaurin helps dissolve and break down the fatty envelope making it easy for the immune system to recognize and destroy the foreign invader.*

    Sourced from Nature

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