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Dandrisil (6 - Pack)

Helps Get Rid of Scalp Flakes*
Great for Scalp Health*
No Chemicals or Artificial Ingredients*

Formulated with Natural Ingredients that Attack the Cause of Flaking*

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"It's been years of chronic flaking. I'm still going to use the special shampoos but I'm finally seeing signs of progress"

Jordan R.

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Scalp flaking is often caused by Malassezia, a fungus that grows on your scalp. When there is too much fungal growth, the cells on the scalp become irritated, leading to scalp flaking. Dandrisil helps control Malassezia while soothing the irritated skin cells, to help reduce flaking.*

Ingredient Quality Standards

For a Healthy Scalp with Less Flakes*

Formulated With Natural Ingredients that Attack the Root of Flaking*

Caprylic Acid is a medium-chain fatty acid found in coconuts that helps reduce excess growth of malassezia, the fungus responsible for scalp flaking. Licorice Root Extract helps soothe inflammation of the scalp and supports healthy skin. Turmeric Root Extract helps reduce inflammation of the scalp and helps reduce excess growth of Malassezia. Allicin, the active ingredient in garlic, boosts blood flow to support healthy hair, has powerful anti fungal effects, and is a potent anti- inflammatory. Magnesium helps reduce calcium buildup on the scalp, promotes hair growth, and supports blood flow to the scalp. Zinc supports healthy hair cells and follicles, and fights against hair loss. Vitamin D3 fights against hair loss, supports hair health, and may reduce scalp flaking. Vitamin B6 promotes blood flow to the hair cells of the scalp, and stimulates healthy hair. Vitamin C fights bacteria on the scalp, helps reduce inflammation, and encourages healthy hair.*

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