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Altitude Assist (6 - Pack)

Altitude Acclimation*
Greater oxygen efficiency*
Great for mountain sports*

Altitude Assist is a comprehensive blend to help boost altitude acclimation and increase the body’s ability to utilize oxygen, so you can feel great at altitude.*

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    "Felt great on my last ski trip."

    Alex B.

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    Going to the mountains? Grab some Altitude Assist! The low oxygen content at high altitude can cause altitude sickness, an illness that causes nausea, migraines and fatigue. Altitude Assist helps prepare your body for the low oxygen levels at high altitude by supporting accelerated acclimation to high altitude, helping your body process oxygen with greater efficiency, and improve energy levels naturally.*

    Ingredient Quality Standards

    Take on Elevation

    It's common to feel a bit "off" at altitude. For others, it's even worse...
    Don't delay, get prepped early!

    Research-Based Ingredients for Altitude

    Alpha lipoic acid is a natural compound critical for energy production found in brussels sprouts, spinach and peas. It delivers incredible antioxidant benefits, helping to maintain cellular health. High altitude places significant stress on the bodily system, increasing levels of oxidative stress within cells. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant shown to help significantly reduce oxidative stress. Vitamin E is a mighty antioxidant and circulatory system stimulator. An amazing benefit of Vitamin E is its ability to be stored in fat cells, allowing the body build a stronghold of antioxidants to fight oxidative stress as it occurs.*

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